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Options for "painting" our passenger cars

As we approach a time when we will be "resurfacing" the exteriors of the Cape Race and the Jackman passenger cars, we have been exploring alternatives to painting the cars.  One alternative is to apply a plastic wrap technology similar to those used to apply advertising on TTC streetcars and buses.  In the process of checking out this option we had such a plastic wrap surfacing treatment applied to applied a small area on the Cape Race car.  The results can be seen below.

Also shown below is the extreme patterns which can be applied using this technique.  The photos show a GO Transit passenger car which traveled their transportation system in the summer of 2012.     It was used to generate debate and public input on our environment, cities, transportation and sustainability. Discussion was encouraged through an online "app".

Click here for the Toronto Daily Star's original article.

Click on each image for a closer look!

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