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Historic railway station designs influence yet another new home!

In a previous TRHA News posting last year, we featured Barry Silverthorn's Geddes Street Depot, a brand new home built by Barry in Belleville, Ontario to reflect the designs of historic railway stations.

In this News posting, we feature another newly completed home in Fort Erie, Ontario built by Michael and Phyllis Flynn.  When they were planning to build their new home, it was Phyllis who suggested to her railway enthusiast husband, Michael, that they consider building it in the style of a historic railway station.

Below you will see the result, a charming house which really does reflect traditional railway station designs. The round turret structure at one end, a classic feature of many railway stations,  provides Michael and Phyllis with two offices, one above the other, from which they manage their business.

Click on each image for a closer look!

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