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Field Report: NMRA's National Train Show

Every year, the National Model Railroad Association (NMRA) holds an annual convention somewhere in North America.  The NMRA is the largest model railroading association in North America. This year, their convention was held in Cleveland, Ohio in mid-July.  Since it was an easy day's drive from Toronto, I and TRHA volunteer Martin Van Kuilenburg traveled to Cleveland to see the three day National Train Show which they host in conjunction with the convention. Our goal was to both visiting the Show as well as tackle some serious railfaning as well.

The show was housed in a very new massive convention centre in downtown Cleveland right by the lake.  Due to the massive closures of manufacturing facilities in the USA, Cleveland was hit especially hard.  But we were really impressed by the cleanliness of the city.  There literally was no litter anywhere, even in the industrial areas of the city.

Below you will see some highlights from the show.

Click on each image for a closer look!

Posting and photos by Russ Milland

The main hall
Very large modular layout
Lego railway system
Just finished this one for the show!
Modular On2 layout
HO Modular Layout

Modeling a miniature railway
Railway in a guitar case!

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