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October 4th - "nuit blanche" comes to Roundhouse Park - Part 2

In the Roundhouse Park area, there will five artistic performances.  Here are the first four:

1. Wild Air Vision Electro: Vehicle Art Installation, 2014

Location: Across the street (Bremner Boulevard) from the Coaling Tower

"Creating live for the public during a 12-hour period, 2 artists will transmute the surface of Subaru's Outback & Legacy vehicles through painting & sculpture. Each is re-interpreted to highlight the dynamic between the organic & the engineered." ... click here for more info

2. The Arctic Circle

Location: Lower Simcoe Street and Bremner Blvd (Northwest Corner)

"Come see a wolf wax and wane with the moon, a hare swallow a black hole, a fox flash lightning, an owl embody a swarm, and a polar bear emit the Aurora Borealis like breath. The Arctic Circle reveals the embedded phenomena within us all." ... click here for more info
3. Solar Dehydrator, 2014

Location: Northwest section of Park, under the Coaling Tower

"Toronto Hydro searched for artists to submit proposals for a contest to re-purpose an old fridge for their Fridge & Freezer Pickup program. After public voting, Mora's design to transform a refrigerator into a solar dehydrator was selected and produced!" ... click here for more info


Location: Northeast corner of Roundhouse Park

"HOLOSCENES is a performance installation that is a visceral, visual and public collision of the human body and water. The large aquarium-like sculpture — inhabited by performers — can be flooded with up to 12 tons of water in a minute." ... click here for more info

Below you will find images of the fourth installation (above) with some of the performers rehearsing. 

We will feature the fifth performance venue in our next posting.

Click here to read Part 3 in this series of postings for more information about nuit blanche.

Posting by Russ Milland; Photos by Lance Gleich

Click on each image for a closer look!

Preparing Holoscenes 2014
Practicing Holoscenes 2014
Practicing Holoscenes 2014

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