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Repainting of Cape Race exterior under way! - Part 1

The primary reason that the Museum is closed until November 12th is to allow for the repainting of the exterior of Cape Race. 

While much of our restoration work is done at a more placid pace by our enthusiastic community of volunteers, we do contract some work when we either do not have the skills or we need to get the work done quickly.   Cape Race is being painted by a professional painter, Bob Merriam.  Yesterday, he completed one side  of the car and an intrepid group of TRHA volunteers worked into the evening to move a number of engines and cars around to allow us to pull Cape Race out of the roundhouse, turn it around on the turntable and put it back in the roundhouse to have its other side painted.  The paint job is looking great as the image above might suggest).

The story of the Cape Race is documented on our website (click here). As most people know, way back then, the toilets on the passenger cars dumped directly onto the tracks as the trains sped by.  This led (on our TRHA forum) to a discussion about “honey pots” which were connected to the passenger cars when parked to dispose of toilet waste. Grant Kingsland then found and shared the three pictures below of the Cape Race connected to “honey pots”.  

Posting by Russ Milland; Images by Michael Guy  (above) and Grant Kingsland (below)

Click on each image for a closer look!

Vancouver, B.C. - June 13th, 1977
Vancouver, B.C. - June 12th, 1977

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan - June 17th, 1976

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