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Where is everything today?

Now that Cape Race has moved out of the Roundhouse, where is everything today?

As the photos show below:
  • Cape Race & Whitcomb #1 are on the turntable
  • CP #7020 is in the Roundhouse for some initial restoration work
  • CNR #6213 is also in the Roundhouse for maintenance work
  • TH&B #70 is snuggled in close to the Roundhouse for the winter
  • The Pyke crane and flat car are in the park near Bremner Avenue
  • CN #4803 remains in its position in the Park
  • Jackman is also in the park currently in revenue service as a project office for Toronto Hydro
But this will likely change in the next day or two ... stay tuned!

Click on each image for a closer look!

CNR #6213
CP #7020
CN #4803
Whitcomb & Cape Race
Jackman in the foreground

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