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Acquisition of a CNR Wood Caboose - Part 5

We are making excellent progress in the restoration of the CN caboose as the four attached photos show. The interior clean out is 98% done and we are ready to begin interior repairs. The interior photo is slightly out of date as the old, thin, deteriorated plywood ceiling is now gone. The exposed roof structure is plywood over sawn maple beams with cedar longitudinals. It is strictly utility-grade work not amenable to being left exposed so we will re-insulate it and cover it over with a new pine tongue and groove (T&G) ceiling.
The outer wall has been repaired where needed, re-insulated with modern foam board sealed in place with spray foam and covered with 6 mil plastic sheet. On top of that we have put sheet roofing material as the actual water barrier below the outer pine T&G skin which really is only cosmetic at this point as the stiffness of the wall framing is provided by the interior layer of 3/4" Fir plywood that the builders put in originally.
All being well we plan to have this side complete except for windows and with a coat of primer before Christmas Eve
Posting and images by Michael Guy
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