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TRHA Annual Reception and Dinner - Part 2 of 3

At 6:00 p.m. staff, volunteers and invited guests began to arrive for an hour long reception.  At 7:00 p.m. Phil Spencer spoke briefly about the successful year we experienced in 2013 at the Toronto Railway Museum. The number of visitors was up dramatically over the prior year attesting to the attractiveness of what we had to offer.

We also made major progress on the restoration front on many projects.  The completion of the exterior restoration of the Cape Race was perhaps the most obvious result of thousands of hours of effort.  Phil noted that we had also successfully acquired a wooden CN caboose, presented a pair of lectures on railway history and brought our CP Diesel switcher back to life!.

Phil welcomed a number of guests who were stakeholders in the Museum's development. A number of guests were from neighbouring businesses. He also introduced Joe Cressy, our newly elected ward councillor who congratulated us on our success, emphasized the contribution that the Museum makes to the City and noted that his grandfather had been a president of the Canadian Pacific Railway.

Michael Guy then took the opportunity to present special awards to the following volunteers for their significant efforts over the past years at the museum:
  • Neville Fairclough
  • Dave and Sandy Wetherald
  • Wilson Lau
Phil then concluded by thanking the Executive Team, the Advisory Board, the staff and our many volunteers for their contributions to the success of the Toronto Railway Museum.

Posting by Russ Milland; Images by Stephen Gardiner

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Phil Spencer
Presenting to Neville Fairclough
Presenting to Dave and Sandy Wetherald
Presenting to Wilson Lau
Phil Spencer & Joe Cressy

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