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Field Report: Keirunga Park Railway - Hawkes Bay, New Zealand

Today we feature a field trip report from Dan Cheer, one of our volunteers who wisely went south for the winter, all the way home to New Zealand. He reports as follows:

"Having missed out on the annual Roundhouse party, we decided to get our dose of train talk by heading out to Keirunga Park Railway here in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand. Keirunga (literally "high place") is the largest miniature railway in New Zealand, boasting over half a mile of track, three tunnels, two viaducts, semaphore signals and room enough for four or five trains running at once.

We sat out on the hill with the mercury topping 30 degrees C for about as long as possible, then went track-side for some photos.

Below you will find photos of this great little railway.  Click here to see all of our pictures.

I can't wait to get back in April to catch up with the team at the Roundhouse!"

Posting and images by Dan Cheer

Click on each image for a closer look!

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