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Field Report: Manatee Central Lines near Parrish, Florida - Part 1 of 2

Each winter, the Florida Live Steamers, an organization which encompasses a number of miniature railways in Florida, hold a series of winter meets at these tracks.

This Manatee Central Rail Lines, located near Parrish, Florida on the gulf coast is hosting their winter meet from February 19th to 25th this year.  This railway is in a very  tropical setting with palm trees, citrus trees, orchids, bananas, and the live oak trees covered in Spanish moss.

Michael Guy, on his annual visit to Florida, is attending this meet. He reports on the first day there as follows:

"Below, we see John Guy at speed crossing the mainline two-track bridge over an occasionally alligator-infested slough. The slough was wet and deep due to heavy rain in the last 24 hours but no toothy wildlife was sighted.

A communal lunch of hot dogs, chili, cookies and coffee organized by Kathy (L) and hostess Joan
(R) in the picture below. By the weekend the attendee count will more than quadruple. Here we see only the early-comers."

Posting by Russ Milland; Images by Michael Guy and the Florida Live Steamers

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2015: John Guy at speed
2015: Communal Lunch
2010 Winter Meet
2010 Winter Meet
2010 Winter Meet

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