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UrbanToronto's great article on the transportation projects and plans in the GTA

The Urban Toronto website describes itself as follows:

"UrbanToronto is Toronto's premier website focused on condos, architecture, urban development and real estate. The site has the largest and most active community of its kind, populated by the tastemakers, condo aficionados, buyers, builders and realtors. Well-known and respect by industry members and urban dwellers alike, the site has garnered a reputation for solid reporting, breaking stories and early news on projects before they are widely reported."

On their site, there is a great articles titled 
Transport Infrastructure: Growth to Watch for in 2015.  It provides a comprehensive overview of all of the current projects underway in the GTA and impending plans for others. The scope of the projects is very impressive when you read about them in one sitting. to do just that.

I found the video below especially intriguing as it describes how the tunnel to the Island Airport was built and how the traveller will experience it. 

Posting by Russ Milland

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