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Interpreting the Operator's Office in Don Station

Derek Boles, our TRHA Historian, has over the years developed the content for numerous interpretative displays and plaques at the Toronto Railway museum. Recently he developed a display in Don Station to inform visitors about the operator's office. Here is the text of the display and  accompanying images.

"You’re looking into the Don Station operator’s office. From 1896 to 1967, train tickets were sold from this window to destinations throughout Canada and the United States. One of the station operator’s most important jobs was maintaining communications via telegraph with the rest of the vast railway system and issuing train orders to passing trains. The operator’s desk was set into the bay window under the turret, so that he had a good view of the tracks in both directions.

In 1967, Don operator John Mellow works at his desk and hoops up train orders to a passing train (see images below). Four decades later, John would be involved with the restoration of the station after its move to the Toronto Railway Museum."

John Mellow is one of our TRHA volunteers and has been instrumental in helping us with the restoration and interpretation of Don Station.

Posting by Russ Milland

Click on each image for a closer look!

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